Finding an owl friend

Every morning with guests here at the lodge, I have a very precise routine. I wake up to an array of bird calls, stumble out to the balcony for a cup of Costa Rican coffee, pull on my hiking boots and quickly grab my binoculars before meeting up with the birding IMG_0212group. We have one hour to bird before our breakfast feast promptly at 7am and we make sure to take full advantage!

One particular morning was different. We found something unexpected. And it ended up being a morning that would change my routine quite a bit… Continue reading “Finding an owl friend”

A few of my favorite things

Living in a tropical place may seem like one of the best things ever…

And it IS.

Don’t get me wrong, it has its down sides as well (I’ll get to that another time). But I’m going for a positive experience, right? Every day, I go through a list of what I call “My Favorite Things” list. Here it goes… Continue reading “A few of my favorite things”

Los Colibríes

This Crowned Woodnymph females sticks her tongue out at me as I snap a picture.

A bright flash of color zooms by my face close enough that I can feel a tiny breeze on my cheek. Another passes immediately after the first faster than the one before it.

I hear tiny chirps angrily sending warnings. A bee-like buzzing sound surrounds colorful, sugar water-filled feeders.

The balcony only 10 feet from my bedroom is a war-zone all day long for tiny little hummingbirds all fighting for just a few sips of sweetness. Their chaotic little world can keep a person entertained for hours and hours. Just before sunset, they all suddenly become friends and drink furiously to ensure that they are ready for their deep sleep when the sun sets.

I don’t know many people that say they can walk out to a balcony and easily see a Green-crown Brilliant or a dazzling Violet Sabrewing. And for that, I am so grateful. After all, my home is the “Home of the Snowcap Hummingbird!”

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A whole new world

When I tell my friends back in the states that I spent my work day out in the jungle looking at birds, the response is usually the same…”Birding?? That’s a real thing?!”

Yes, I am a birder. Yes, birding is a real thing.

I always carry binoculars and I always have a field guide at hand. ALWAYS.      

IMG_0880                     Continue reading “A whole new world”

Where this story begins…

In late March of 2015, I knew something had to change…

Searching for a new career in a big city, moving home with my parents and the struggles of a broken relationship left me stressed and utterly lost. My dreams and daily thoughts constantly raced elsewhere to escape reality.

The jungle, sandy beaches, butterflies, and macaws…

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